DIY Exclusive Girl’s Wardrobe Guide

DIY Exclusive Girl’s Wardrobe Guide

Having so many clothes, yet it doesn’t feel enough? This is every girl’s woe and every boyfriend’s complaint. Here is a myth, buster; it’s not because you are greedy, but because your wardrobe is not organized. By organized, I don’t mean keeping clothes arranged orderly. It means building a wardrobe you will always love and finding something to wear for every occasion.

This is not a one-day process, and it takes a few days to a few years to create a wardrobe that’s always in fashion. Hence, trust the process and go ahead to read this piece in the DIY Exclusive Girl’s Wardrobe Guide.

DIY Exclusive Girl’s Wardrobe Guide

Keep the staples

The following are the basics of a wardrobe, and you cannot skip this step. There are some days when you don’t have the time to put together a dress or an outfit; on these days, you will need these essentials.

  • a White and black t-shirt of good quality at all times. Emphasis on good quality to make sure it lasts long.
  • A good fitting washed jeans that have some legroom for movement.
  • A white and a black fitted plain shirt. An elaborated sleeve is your option.
  • A pencil skirt of beige shades or neutral undertones.
  • A black Blazer that could make everything else look formal or a sheer shrug to add a casual look to your every outfit.

Make sure these are of good quality and last long if ruined or old. Either try to upcycle or throw away without hesitation and refill the staples.

Ace your chic look

Monochromes, lines, and bold colors define the chic look. The best thing about sporting a chic look is that it goes with every occasion. All you need to ace a chic is a very few minimalist things.

  • A jumpsuit is a recent trend and is here to stay. Buy one in a bold color, and do not shy away from experimenting with necklines. One shouldered, Halter neck and a tie detail can elevate your look without extra accessories.
  • A plain crop top and a printed skirt are other outfits to look elegant and chic.
  • A small tip, whatever you wear, keep it casual and elegant, and you’re good to go.
  • Add a statement piece like a quirky handbag or chunky jewelry, and finish it off with open block-heeled sandals or a good pair of boots.

Power Dressing

Formals need not be boring anymore. Greys, browns, and blacks need not dominate them.

  • A well-fitted shirt in white or black, coordinated with a bright-colored jacket, can make you look powerful.
  • Start with the pastels if you are apprehensive about choosing a bright color.
  • Fitted skirts are a must, but avoid prints as possible.

The party gal

For all the work you have done during the week, unwind on weekends. Dress up pretty and sexy for the parties in dresses of various lengths and styles.

Have some cocktail dresses in sexy colors of red, black, and purples, along with the golds and silvers for the nights. Good makeup and that silhouette would make you the talk of the town.

Have your summer dresses ready for those fun beach shack parties happening midday. Crop tops and halter skirts, t-shirts and denim shorts, and summer dresses in florals and prints can always win hearts.

Have your long cocktail dresses safe for those office parties to celebrate your success.

Stay away from the Following Mistakes

Make sure you buy fitted clothes. Though shopping is addictive, make sure to buy what you might wear for a long time. Trends will not last long, but the clothes will. So, buy only if you wear those dresses even after the trend.

You can upcycle your clothes quickly and fresh them again with a few tricks. I got an old pair of jeans and cut them into distressed shorts. Add a few rhinestones to your shirts to unleash new life into them.

Accessorize appropriately and have neutral tones of golds and silvers in your jewelry. Mix and match your clothes all the time to make a new outfit every day. Layered chains, rings, broad belts, and a functional handbag is enough to make a statement.

This DIY Exclusive Girl’s Wardrobe Guide is the first step to a fashion journey. Keep updating as your style evolves.

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