Make Your Own Unique Apple Watch Band at Home

Make Your Own Unique Apple Watch Band at Home

In this modern-day, most people do not see the need for owning watches as they can see the time on their devices. Different types of watches exist that are for various purposes like running. Today, watch companies are concentrating more on running watches because most people use them than others. Watches have different parts that play crucial roles to their makings, like the bands.


Get Apple Watch Series bands here There are different kinds of bands that runners use due to the unique features they possess. The Apple Watch Series come with their own bands when you purchase them, but these bands may not be what you want which means you can buy or make other bands. There are so many different things people like to make, and today, I will be helping you learn how you can create fantastic apple watch bands at your home.


How to make your own unique Apple Watch Band


There are DIY ways to make your own Apple Watch Band for your Apple Watch Series that you may be having. Remember, you can use different materials to make the Apple Watch Band. Let’s look at how you can make an Apple Watch Band in a general way;

Apple Watch Band at Home


Using fabric and materials of all kinds


You can use different kinds of fabric to make your own Apple Watch Band for any of your Apple Watch Series. Below are the steps you will need to follow to do this successfully;


– Step 1


Gather the different items you will be using in your tasks of making the Apple Watch Band. It would help if you had a piece of cloth of your choice, a sewing machine, scissors, and elastic. These are the most common items you may need for any Apple Watch Band you want to make.


– Step 2


Using the scissors, cut the piece of cloth you have to the measurements of your wrist. You should cut the fabric meant for the watch band and another for the retainer. You should know the size you want depending on how big or small your wrist is. To be safe, cut the cloth to seven inches and the elastic six. This way, you get to have an Apple Watch Band that gets to be very secure around the wrist.


– Step 3


The piece of cloth you have cut to be the retainer you now sew it on the part meant for the band. You have to secure the retainer on both ends to come up with a loop that is closed. This loop acts as an attachment between the watch and the spring bars.


Fold the material meant to make your Apple Watch Band on the edges to keep the edges from showing. When doing this, you leave space that you will use to get the elastic and through the tunnel that comes when you were sewing the two sides meant for the band.


Keep your measurements balanced to make an Apple watch band series that fits well without any spaces showing between the wrist and the Apple Watch series you are using.


– Step 4


Take the elastic strip and sew it where you get to bring both ends of the flexible strip together. It is easier to sew this using your hand instead of the sewing machine.


– Step 5


You can now go ahead and attach the Apple Watch Band you have made to the Apple Watch Series you own. Insert the ends of the spring bar inside the holes in the watch. This is after you have already had the spring bars behind the retainer cloth. The best part is that the bars are spring which is a good thing for you as you can remove them as much as you need as you can only do this using a finger.


Make sure that the bars are not difficult to handle as you should be able to compress it with ease and once you notice you are not able to, fix it using a scalpel or screwdriver.


– Step 6


You can now go ahead and start making more Apple Watch Bands from your home. This way, you can change the watch bands whenever you need to. It is also possible for you to make Apple Watch Bands of different materials and designs, which is fantastic.


In winding up, using the above method, you can enjoy making DIY Apple Watch Bands of all kinds using different materials. You get to wear any Apple Watch Series you own with an Apple Watch Band that is well designed and unique. It may be nylon, leather, beads, silver, chains, and many other materials of your choice. The best part about making your Apple Watch Band is that you can create different styles and designs to create it as you would wish. Making your own Apple Watch Band from your home is a great comfort and fun to do.

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