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Month: August 2021



This post was written by Chelsea Foy, the creative woman behind Lovely Indeed.


This year on Valentine’s Day, I set up a little surprise party for our family in the studio and made pancakes in the shape of x’s and o’s. My kids went nuts. So I’m keeping a good thing going for Easter! Apparently I’m pretty handy with a holiday pancake. Who knew?! But I definitely think you should join me and make bunny pancakes for Easter.

Half the fun, of course, is eating them in your jammies. And all of my over-the-top Easter morning dreams came true in the form of these bunny jams. There’s just something that gives you all the heart eyes to see your little family in matching jams, right down to the baby in a onesie. So. Cute. These are the Rabbit Rider jammies from Hanna Andersson (and if you’ve never had Hanna jams, they’re realllly comfy. Soft and smooth and just so good).

So once you’ve got your jammie game on point, get your pancake game rocking! I learned a few things with my XO pancakes that helped the bunnies go pretty nicely.

Step 1: Mix up your favorite pancake batter from scratch or from a box. We don’t judge! But either way, the key is to get out alllll the lumps. No lumps allowed. I used a whisk and then an immersion blender to really smooth it out.

Step 2: Fill an icing bottle with the batter and attach a regular round tip. Be sure there’s a wide enough opening for the batter to squeeze out fairly quickly. We used an 1/8″ tip.

Step 3: Heat up a griddle or pan. I like to cook these on a lower heat because they cook really quickly.

Step 4: Working quickly, squeeze out a circle and fill it in. Then squeeze two ears that connect to the circle. You have to move swiftly so it all cooks evenly. You’ll probably need to flip it after only 10-20 seconds or so.

Step 5: Flip the pancake to cook on the other side, remove from heat, and make more bunnies!



I garnished ours with some fresh fruit and the kids just thought it was the fanciest thing. They were jumping around the studio and having the best time. We always, always sit at the table for meals, so the fact that we weren’t making them sit down to eat had them totally over the moon. I love doing these special little things to make holiday memories! I think bunny pancakes are going to be in the picture for lots of Easters to come. Matching jammies and jumping on the couch included. 😉

Do you have any Easter traditions? And more importantly, are there any matching pajamas in your future? I’m kind of already planning our Christmas jammies and I’m wondering just how long I can get away with making us all match before the kids catch on… Ha! xoxo

Thanks for letting us share this fun, Chelsea!…