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Explore: Portland in June!

Such a fantastical season it is! Someone once said that life is July, old age is August and childhood is June, and we absolutely can see the why. June feels like a brand new start. The full heat of summer hasn't yet hit but you do get some bursts of serious sunshine to warm your heart and skin. Our darling city really comes alive in June, so we rounded up a few places near and dear to us to share with you all - aka our favorite things to do in Portland during this wonderful time!



Salt & Straw

It's officially summer in Portland. And it's hot! Hot enough to wait (and wait) in line for one of Salt & Straw's famous ice cream treats. 

Salt & Straw is Portland's farm-to-cone ice cream shop. They make ice cream is handmade in small-batches using only all-natural dairy with the best local, sustainable and organic ingredients Oregon has to offer, as well as imported flavors from small, handpicked farms and producers around the world. They start with fresh, local, all-natural cream from family owned farms in the Willamette Valley. Their ice cream is made with 17% butterfat, very little air in the churn process, and a low sweetness the flavors really shine through!