Summer Camp: At Home or Away?

A few things come to mind for many of us about the summer time... No school, kids at home, at daycare, at summer camp. However your family and kids spend their time off this summer, we have a few ideas to keep the kids busy for an at home summer camp! 

A running list of summer activities is always useful. As much as we love to get some downtime while our kids watch t.v or play video games... we know that’s not what we want them doing ALL summer! So, here’s a list of things to calendar out the summer with. To keep their brain working, body moving, and faces smiling.

to do:

hanna’s summer reading program

scavenger hunt printable 

too hot outside? fun indoor games ahead! 

coloring pages printable

grow your own food! gardening kit for kids

easy, healthy summer snacks kids can make! 

Let your kids be kids and play, play, play in comfy soft hannas that last forever and are easy to wash. Still looking for their summer essentials? shop now.