Earth Day With Kids

reduce: Quality becomes a legend wear after wear. No need to keep buying the same tee, because the Hanna one you have, will last. 

re-use: Wear it over and over, Hanna-me-down quality allows you to keep it for the next kid to use. 

recycle: When all the kids have outgrown their hannas, bring them to our annual Hanna-me-down event in our stores. They will be donated locally to help kids. 

Trees are kind to us, so lets be kind to them. The best thing we can do is to let kids be kids. To play in the dirt and not worry at all about getting “too” dirty. We’re friends with the earth, and we want our kids to be too. We keep hannas safe and soft with everything we put in and everything we leave out...crafting hanna-me-down quality for the ultimate sustainability.

a few resources for moms:

happy kids, happy earth downloadable sheet to customize with kids

play and learn about our earth

our favorite earth day book

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