#hannajams family traditions with @shelbyosmond

a season to come together, and spend time with people you love. we asked a few of our favorite families to share a little bit more about their family does during the holiday season. we're sharing sharing a series of #hannajams tradition stories here on the Hanna blog.

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#hannajams family traditions with @shelbyosmond...

#hannajams family traditions with  @shelbyosmond

#hannajams family traditions with @shelbyosmond

We are a family of six and I’m the queen bee with four little boys and we live in Salt Lake City Utah. The ages of our boys are 7, 5, 3 and a little newbie 0.

tell us about your favorite holiday tradition to do as a family.

We’ve just recently started a tradition where we have advent calendar and we do service everyday leading up to Christmas. Whether that service is small or big its something we all look forward to. We usually plan our week on the Sunday and decide on what we’re going to do and the it makes it easier during the week to execute it.

you’ll have a brand new baby for the holidays this year! How does that make you feel? Any special plans to make the season go smoothly?

I love having a newborn for the holidays. Its a good reminder to slow down and to remember what its all about; family, our faith and service towards others. My plans for this holiday season to go more smoothly is to take the slow route and be more present with my family. 

do you have a family holiday memory that you’d like to share that sticks out in your mind, or is always a good story at the dinner table that you’d like to share?

My husbands Dad works a lot over the holidays and one Christmas he was flying home on Christmas Eve night. We decided to cheer him up and spread a little Christmas cheer by giving him a surprise. We put together some simple reindeer costumes and decorating our truck with lights and other Christmas decor. We also had one of our siblings dress up as Santa Clause. As a family we all went to the airport to surprise him when we picked him up all decked out. When we got to the airport the people dressed up as reindeer got in front of the car, sang a Christmas song and pulled the decorated truck with Santa init. My husband’s dad was so surprised and we all had a good laugh, a good memory for sure. 

do you have any favorite books or movies that are favorites for this season?

We love Charlie Brown movies for all the different holidays. A Wonderful Life is always a good one to watch as well!

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