#hannajams family traditions with @sandyalamode

a season to come together, and spend time with people you love. we asked a few of our favorite families to share a little bit more about their family does during the holiday season. we're sharing sharing a series of #hannajams tradition stories here on the Hanna blog.

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#hannajams family traditions with @sandyalamode...

#hannajams family traditions with  @sandyalamode

#hannajams family traditions with @sandyalamode

Hello! We are a family of four with a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl! We currently reside in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and have been here for 3.5 years!

on her favorite holiday family traditions...

My favorite holiday tradition is having a family sleepover on Christmas Eve! We recently just got a King bed (we had a Queen before), so I am looking forward to being a little more comfortable this year!

any tips for new parents having their first holiday season as a family?

Just remember to cherish the time of being together as a family and all the wonderful festivities that the holidays bring. Watch your kids, spend time with them, and grow with them. They don’t stay little for long!

are there any things you like to do to rejuvenate and keep yourself (+the family) happy and positive during those busy times?

We like to make sure we have a good balance of bringing the kids out to all the holiday events like light shows, Santa breakfasts, etc. and spending time at home. I think making sure to do a little bit of both will keep you sane.

do you have a family holiday memory?

Honestly, I think our most memorable holidays are when we are able to spend time in Ohio or California with our extended family.  Sometimes it may be the only time we see them in a whole year! It is always great catching up with siblings, but even more fun are the kid’s being able to play with their cousins. It’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure! Also, being able to give gifts to family and seeing their reactions is priceless!

do you have any favorite books or movies that are favorites for this season?

Personally, I am a hopeless romantic so Love, Actually is my personal fave. As for my kids, A Charlie Brown Christmas is up there!

it’s important to us to find ways to give back to kids and communities. Is there anything your family participates or believes in when it comes to both giving back and gratitude?

Let’s be honest, we have so much “stuff” in our house that we don’t use or old toys that the kids don’t play with anymore, that we always make sure to take a good sweep and make donations during the holiday season. Toys that our kids don’t play with anymore, could turn into another kid’s favorite toy! There is no better feeling than being able to help out others.

#hannajams family traditions with  @sandyalamode

#hannajams family traditions with @sandyalamode