#hannajams family traditions with @taylergolden

a season to come together, share love, gratitude and spend time with the family. we asked a few of our favorite families to share a little bit more about their family in the holiday season. we're sharing sharing a series of #hannajams family tradition stories here on the Hanna blog.

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#hannajams family traditions with @taylergolden.... 

holiday family traditions with @taylergolden

holiday family traditions with @taylergolden

Our little family of four lives in Carlsbad, California. If you ever need to find us, the beach is a good first place to look. My husband Nate and I have two little boys, Remy is three and Sage is one. 

tell us about your favorite holiday tradition to do as a family. 

As a kid I remember spending the day before Christmas preparing a perfect Christmas dinner with my Grandma and cousins. We would go to the store and pick out some toys and that Christmas Eve we would pack everything into a big box and load it into the car. As we drove, my Grandparents would tell us about the family that would receive the Christmas in a box. They would be a family going through a hard time or just in need of a little extra love. We would sneak up to a families home, drop the box on the front door step and run. The run was always exciting because we wanted to keep the gift anonymous! I love that we had a special time together as a family trying to make some else’s Christmas special. We have carried on the tradition and still do it today with our kids. 

any tips for new parents having their first holiday season all together?

My biggest tip is to manage expectations. Everything hardly goes as planned and there is no way to do it all. If you don’t have expectations, it makes it easier to enjoy the season and enjoy what comes. 

knowing the holidays can also be a stressful time, is there any thing you like to do to rejuvenate and keep yourself (+the family) happy and positive during those busy times?

My kids thrive and are happiest when they are in a routine. It’s very important for us (especially around the holidays) to try our best to stick to their schedule. Food and sleep are key. As for myself... I will try and sneak away for a pedicure! 

do you have a family holiday memory that you’d like to share that sticks out in your mind, or is always a good story at the dinner table that you’d like to share?

I’d never had a Christmas day away from my family until I was 23 years old. I spent that year in the hospital because I was an oncology nurse. Leaving my family to take care of others loved ones made it a very rewarding holiday. It was my mission to create a happy atmosphere for patients and their families that day. Luckily that day was pretty uneventful medical wise so I had time to spend with each of my patients. I sat and talked to each one about their favorite holiday memories.

any books or movies that are favorites for this season?

Every year I have to watch The Christmas Story..."You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!" That movie never gets old. 

holiday family traditions with  @taylergolden

holiday family traditions with @taylergolden