#hannajams family traditions with @stylefitfatty

a season to come together, and spend time with people you love. we asked a few of our favorite families to share a little bit more about their family does during the holiday season. we're sharing sharing a series of #hannajams tradition stories here on the Hanna blog.

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#hannajams family traditions with @stylefitfatty...

#hannajams family traditions with  @stylefitfatty

#hannajams family traditions with @stylefitfatty

tell us a little about your family. 

My husband and I met in college in Utah! We have been married for 5 years and have 3 kids! Noah is 4, Olivia is 2 and Kingston is 8 months old! We are currently living in Arizona where my husband is finishing his Physician Assistant program this month!

how did you first hear about Hanna? Have you been able to pass down your #hannajams from last year yet? 

I was born and raised in Sweden and I actually heard about your company Hanna Andersson. My kids LOVE your pjs and the quality of them. We pretty much wore Christmas pj’s until summer!

tell us about your favorite holiday tradition to do as a family. 

One of my favorite Christmas traditions we started doing since we were married, is recording our family each Christmas eve. Then we watch family videos Christmas throughout the day, listen to Christmas songs and we go and drop off dinner with presents to a less fortunate family :)

often we look forward to much different things than our kids do…have your kids made up any traditions? What’s their favorite thing to do during the holidays? What’s yours? 

They love watching the polar express and reading the book, pretty much every night! They also love eating traditional “Swedish Christmas food” on Christmas Eve. I just love being with my loved ones, eating, laughing, watching old videos and realizing how big my kids are getting!

the season can be a crazy time for new families, any tips for new parents having their first holiday season as a family?

Focus on what is more important! It is so easy to get caught up in social media watching what everyone else is doing. I like taking a break from social media and enjoying my family :)

do you have a family holiday memory that you’d like to share that sticks out in your mind, or is always a good story at the dinner table that you’d like to share?

Honestly, my mom always made a HUGE deal of Christmas eve and day. We always had a feast and lots of family and friends over. It wasn’t even about the presents, it was about being together and creating memories together. This is something I have done with my family. Last year was the first time my oldest fully understood the meaning of Christmas. We made cookies for Santa and on Christmas day he was absolutely amazed that Santa came and ate the cookies and brought presents! 

do you have any favorite books or movies that are favorites for this season?

Polar Express is a hit in our home, and Home Alone :)

#hannajams family traditions with  @stylefitfatty

#hannajams family traditions with @stylefitfatty