Happy on Earth in Organic Cotton

In organic cotton hannas, you’ll know that not a single harmful toxin will touch your kids skin. Best long lasting quality for the toughest kid, with softness and safety for the most sensitive kid. 


Hanna Andersson was started with the foundation that cotton is the best, best for our Earth, and best for our kids in it. In Swedish Stripes, bright fun prints - you’ll know it’s a Hanna.

Caring for the longevity of our clothing means more benefits for our earth. No harsh pesticides and poisons come close to touching our Organic Cotton farms, and throughout our entire process, we’re OEKO-TEX® certified which means we offer the highest level of safety in apparel for newborns to big kids, and women! 

Hannas will survive as your kids favorite, and even last longer passing them down to each kid thereafter. They get better with time, love and playfulness. Once they’ve been outgrown, they are guaranteed to still be intact, bright and just as soft as the day you bought them. Hanna-me-downs our littles will want to wear.  

Long lasting wear means we’re throwing away less. Guaranteed to last forever, and if they don’t we’ll take them back. That means less waste in our landfills, and more love in your home.