8 REASONS WE ♥ Swedish Stripes

1. HannaSoft™ is 300 count combed cotton matte sateen… it’s absolutely amazing to the touch and lasts for a very long time.

2. We love giving kids softness. And we’ve looked, it isn’t easy to find this quality for kids…hmmm.

3. The way our matte sateen is woven and yarn-dyed, the colors become brighter and the sheets even softer when you wash them over time.

4. Swedish-inspired stripes and patterns: the clean, classic, awesomeness we love.

5. We love it when things aren’t always the same, so every stripe has its very own one-off unique width.

6. The more you mix the colors and stripes together, the more amazing they look.

7. HannaSoft™ sheets are Certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard one fan says, that’s 100 fewer things to worry about.

8. We let kids be kids. Free to live their lives with supersoft comfort and every-way’s the right way bed-making!