We ♥ 2015

This year has been a very special year. And we want to share some of the very special moments that we'll hold in our hearts forever! 

We  Our Hannas

That's you! You're our hannas. Launching #ilovemyhannas has allowed us to connect with you more than we ever have before. For the first time, #ilovemyhannas moments were shared in a catalog that has been running for over 30 years! So, we want to thank you for sharing with us, supporting us, and allowing us to be part of your world, and you being part of ours. 

We ♥ Our Friends

Our Hanna and Friends launched with such love and support from our character friends. The Hanna + Peanuts collection is now a classic. Our visit to Charles Shultz museum and studio was one of our absolute favorite experiences, and we're honored to be a part of it, and include all of you! 

We ♥ Love, Hanna

A new day in the Love, Hanna celebrations - Stockholm Pant Day became an official celebration of the most comfiest, stylish pants! We're all about kids, but - we are all moms! A day to celebrate not only comfy stylish pants - but you! Just because. ♥

We've been honored to work with some amazing families! Check out a handful of these power women we are grateful for: 

Casey Wiegand - The Wiegands

Erin Loechner - Design For Mankind. 

Joanna Goddard - Cup Of Jo 

Natalie Holbrook - Hey Natalie Jean

Lauren Hartmann - The Little Things We Do

Brittany Watson Jepsen- The House That Lars Built

Naomi Davis - Love, Taza

Jen Pinkston - The Effortless Chic

Hanna all over the U.S. 

We've hit a big milestone - 50 retail stores across the country! We can't wait to be in more places to meet you. It's a party, because this year, we've given away over 5,000 pairs of long johns at our Grand Opening events! (Stay tuned for a store coming near you!) 

Hanna Andersson Store Openings

We ♥ Giving

In part of our Hanna-Me-Downs programs, through our retail stores alone, over 10,000 items of clothing and 18,000 books have been donated to regional centers to help kids and families in need. 

YOU have helped! As a loyal partner to Raising a Reader, 15% of profits from our classic stripe hannajams go to their programs which  encourage and assist in family reading and literacy for children. So if you have bought our striped jammies, you've helped! Taking time to read with our children is very special to us. 

We ♥ Our Community

Every year, we take part in Sand In the City, this year- was a blast! Building sandcastles in the middle of the city to benefit children in the Portland Metropolitan area through the The Kids on the Block Awareness Program. 

A new tradition was started this year, the first Little's Holiday Playdate! We invited all our local baby gnomes and elves to visit us at Hanna Headquarters... See what happened here

Hanna has a new home! We left our beloved home (for 25 years!) in the Pearl District in August, and moved across the river to the Kerns neighborhood in Northeast Portland. The Hanna family has grown and we needed  space that would fit us all; and we have to say, we beyond love it. A big thanks to everyone who attended our Hanna Open House! 

 More to come on this one! 

Hanna Andersson Open House

Here's to another New Year! Keep up to date with the latest happenings on @happyhannas instagram and twitter, and fun things over on facebook!