Decorating the Christmas Tree

With Love, Taza

hooray! It’s time for Christmas!!

This post is in collaboration with the beautiful Davis family behind the blog: Love, Taza

We started the holiday season off by keeping to our holiday family traditions! We decorated our Christmas tree the other week and made a little video out of it! 

We also continued with the tradition of pulling out our festive family Christmas jammies! My mom sent us matching pajamas from Hanna Andersson a few years ago (we did the matching thing in my home growing up!), and we haven’t been able to let them go just yet. We actually have continued to add to them each year since. haha! I have a feeling it’ll remain a staple in Davis family traditions around the holidays for many years to come! So we were really excited when Hanna Andersson asked to partner this year for the holiday, as we have loved and worn the brand for years! you can see them in our video here which we made with the help of our friend Jenner Brown.

Our christmas tree currently is only decorated from the top to half way down. Because, hi Conrad. lol. It’s a funny thing though how much it’s growing on me. I quite like it! I know I said this in my thanksgiving day post, but it’s a nice reminder every time I walk by about what a fun chapter of life this is, and also, how thankful I am to get to be a mom. It’s the best.

I also love our collection of mismatched ornaments! a lot of them are from when Josh and I were little (thanks moms!). Someone told me a few years ago that multi colored lights are actually really tacky and white lights are where it’s at. I was like, “huh?!” for some reason I think about that every time we string the lights. I don’t know who decided that, but I beg to differ. I love multi colored christmas lights! Let’s start this holiday off with some colorful lights, some shake shack hot cocoa every single chance we can get and also a ton of dance parties in our Christmas jammies, because we only live once, and also, CHRISTMAS!…

You can find our family pajamas (#hannajams!) that we’re wearing right here and the other family collections we’re wearing later on in the video here.

Thank you Naomi and family for sharing your experiences, memories and traditons with us. We are so thankful to have such a big family. Please, share your memories with us @happyhannas and join the party! 


SHOP matching jammies for the whole family, and the perfect wintertime family looks featured later in this video.