Love, Hanna on Cup of Jo

We're the hugest fans of Joanna Goddard's blog Cup of Jo. So much so that whenever she takes a little blogging break (like her two week family vacay to England she just got back from) we legitimately miss her presence and find ourselves clicking on her site anyway.

The best thing about Joanna is that she just feels so real. She has a certain polish to her - a testament to her skills as a former magazine editor - that is completely endearing as opposed to off putting (a trap that more than a few just-too-perfect bloggers can fall in to).

One of our favorite features is Goddard's Motherhood Around the World series. Each one is so uniquely fascinating and informative at the same time. If you haven't read them, we suggest a quick binge of all 11!

(Images below are from her first one: 10 Surprising Things About Parenting in Norway).

Another reason we love to visit Cup of Jo is Goddard's easy and fashionable, yet attainable style. She's all about modern classic pieces that look great but are super unfussy. We knew she was the perfect person to partner up with when we launched our new women's line Love, Hanna.

Goddard writes:

"Based on the Swedish philosophy of "buying better, buying less" each piece is crafted to be worn for years and years. The line was inspired by and made especially for moms—although obviously you don't need to be a mom to love their pieces! They're comfy, easy clothes for women who don't have tons of time to devote to fashion, but still want to look good.

I'm especially excited about this brand because Toby and Anton wear their kids pajamas, and they're SUCH great quality. So I'm looking forward to seeing that same quality in their grown-up clothes."

See her full wonderful post here.

And check our the new Love, Hanna line here.