Bring on the #HANNAJAMS

Have you noticed how cute the bottom of our homepage is looking these days?

Even though any time of the year qualifies as #hannajams season, it's holiday time when things really get kicked up a notch. We love getting to see our customers wearing their hannas everywhere and every which way. Like we always say: the more people in jammies, the better!

Every one of these moments is so special and that's why we wanted to have one single spot where we could see all of the amazing pictures that are shared with us at once! So now if you scroll to the bottom of our homepage you can see a LIVE feed of any pictures that have been tagged #HANNAJAMS. Plus as a little extra incentive for joining in the fun, we're going to be giving away $100 gift cards weekly until the end of the year! All you have to do to enter is... YUP, upload your own hanna photo on our site or just use the hashtag #HANNAJAMS on twitter or instagram.

Take a peek at some #HANNAJAMS pics below! And don't forget to tag yours and join in all the fun! (If you don't have any of your own hannajams, then you can get some for yourself and your family HERE.)

We love seeing all these happy family moments so much. And we'd love to see yours! Thanks to everyone that is sending in photos and keep the #hannajams coming :)