Say hello to the whole super hero crew!

The kids have been on summer break for about a month... and you might be looking for a little extra inspiration to get them outside and playing. Well... we’ve got a few ideas :) 

We know our kids love to play in their pj’s and unders, these collections have pajamas, unders, play wear and even backpacks for their super-adventures this summer. Take a scroll and click to shop kids favorites below! 


Complete with a tulle skirt, quality embroidered and sparkle details kids will never forget. We see a sparkle in their eye as they put on their new WONDER WOMAN™ outfit. They’re made to last so you can keep for years and years to never forget that sparkle. 

Bringing you... BATMAN™! 

Thinking back to old Polaroids or Kodak film pictures of ourselves as a kid... We’ll always remember those favorite pajamas, or favorite costume that we’d NEVER take off. Our own moms and dads would hide those pieces from us just so they could catch a break and wash them, and we find ourselves doing the same. That’s what inspired us to design these BATMAN™ pieces... to encourage confidence, inspire imagination and get them to go out there and play! 

Surprise! SUPERMAN™ too...

Superman - Backpack - Hanna Andersson

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Justice League - Superman - Hanna Andersson

One of our favorite scenes. Our boys and girls running around the house in their unders and super hero capes. There’s nothing cuter. Let them run around and extend their energies into positive imagination and action in the SUPERMAN™ collection.

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Summer Camp: At Home or Away?

A few things come to mind for many of us about the summer time... No school, kids at home, at daycare, at summer camp. However your family and kids spend their time off this summer, we have a few ideas to keep the kids busy for an at home summer camp! 

A running list of summer activities is always useful. As much as we love to get some downtime while our kids watch t.v or play video games... we know that’s not what we want them doing ALL summer! So, here’s a list of things to calendar out the summer with. To keep their brain working, body moving, and faces smiling.

to do:

hanna’s summer reading program

scavenger hunt printable 

too hot outside? fun indoor games ahead! 

coloring pages printable

grow your own food! gardening kit for kids

easy, healthy summer snacks kids can make! 

Let your kids be kids and play, play, play in comfy soft hannas that last forever and are easy to wash. Still looking for their summer essentials? shop now.

The Peanuts Play Collection + Giveaway!

The Peanuts Play Collection is here! Full of new tees, shorts, jackets swimwear and pajamas, there is everything you need for the best kids camp trip ever! Plus, on instagram, we’re giving away an outfit from the collection! Details below. 

giveaway on instagram: 

1. repost one of these photos on instagram

2. tell us what you are excited for this summer, caption #peanutsXhanna #giveaway

3. like this post + follow @happyhannas if you aren’t already!  

Giveaway runs: May 8 - 15

Winner chosen: 5/16 and contacted via the account they entered with.

Accounts must be public for entry to be seen and valid

official rules (pdf link)

collection available to shop now:

Earth Day With Kids

reduce: Quality becomes a legend wear after wear. No need to keep buying the same tee, because the Hanna one you have, will last. 

re-use: Wear it over and over, Hanna-me-down quality allows you to keep it for the next kid to use. 

recycle: When all the kids have outgrown their hannas, bring them to our annual Hanna-me-down event in our stores. They will be donated locally to help kids. 

Trees are kind to us, so lets be kind to them. The best thing we can do is to let kids be kids. To play in the dirt and not worry at all about getting “too” dirty. We’re friends with the earth, and we want our kids to be too. We keep hannas safe and soft with everything we put in and everything we leave out...crafting hanna-me-down quality for the ultimate sustainability.

a few resources for moms:

happy kids, happy earth downloadable sheet to customize with kids

play and learn about our earth

our favorite earth day book

Celebrate Earth Day in stores at Hanna! RSVP now on Facebook > 

Share your Earth Day activities with #ilovemyhannas on instagram