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Links We Love: August 29th

Frazzled but not frayed, here are our favorite web-moments of the week!

  • Love/want this sugar-themed compilation of accessories. (via you are my fave)
  • Always wanted to gift one of Paul Ferney's Commission Project paintings! Such an amazing, affordable chance for a one-of-a-kind piece of art. (via oh happy day)
  • Little miss Eleanor is a natural for our kid's quotes! (via Love, Taza)
  • Congrats to the super-talented Andrea Hanki on her fun Halloween spread in Better Homes and Gardens. (via Adventures in Pinksugarland)
  • Yes, please. I'll have one and/or several of those (via How sweet eats)
  • This Swedish apartment was very accurately described as "fabulous." We can't get enough of that clean, crisp style. (via My Scandinavian Home)
  • This baby french bulldog jumping in to his owner's arms is the video that gives all the smiles. (via incredible things)
  • Just how many veggies you should be eating on the reg. Not surprisingly, the visuals do help. (via the kitchn)