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That's A Wrap! Pretty DIY Giftwrap Roundup

If you're lucky enough to have gotten your shopping done already, now's the time to wrap! Here are some of our favorite DIYs from around the web to get you well on your way to the prettiest presents under the tree.

First off, we love this adorable and kid-friendly cardboard cutout DIY from Mer Mag! Once you've finished making your very own gingerbread man or Santa Claus, you could use it to decorate the top of a package for two presents in one! Via Mer Mag

Take tiny twigs and glue them on to the top of simply wrapped kraft paper presents in a tree pattern. Yarn bomb them for bonus festive points and finish with a little star on top. Via Fellow Fellow.

The ever-clever and delightful Joy Cho shows you how to wrap 3 different odd shaped presents, and we're especially in to this build-it-yourself box for treats of all kinds! Once you've gotten the box assembled (she has a great downloadable template here), you have have your kids help decorate the outside. The bright googly-eyes on the outside are particularly fun for littles! Via Oh Joy!

The easiest one yet, and oh-so-pretty. Perfect for the vintage-minded momma who always has extra scraps of fabric and a collection of hankies lying around. It's as simple as it looks, just lay cut pieces on top of simply wrapped packages or if they are small enough, tie them all around. Via My Cakies.

Even as adults, we're always looking for new ways to play with pipe cleaners and this sparkly bow DIY from A Beautiful Mess is just the thing for a perfect present topper. Using thrifted maps (or if you have an old car, we'll make a bet you might still even have one in your glove box) to make it even more unique and fun. Via A Beautiful Mess.