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Pinterest Picks: November 21st


1. These little bird charms are so fun, each one has so much detail and personality. They would look really cute hanging from our DIY Wall Hanging from yesterday.

2. This guy makes us laugh, what a patient puppy he is.

3. A good project for kids that makes gift wrapping way more fun.

4. Cauliflower and brie sounds like a winning combo, and that gold fork is to die for!

5. That precious time period of being able to bathe your baby in the kitchen sink goes by way too fast. This photo is so intimate and sweet.

6. Do you get stuck in the rut of making snowflakes that all pretty much look the same? We sure do! This handy guide gives you lots of different options.

7. This is a really clever idea for upgrading an old table for a kids room with chalkboard paint. 

8. Hanna Home just launched, and we love all the stripes, especially this gender neutral sheet combination.

9. A paper bag stuffed turkey would make the Thanksgiving kids table feel a little more special, and the kraft paper and crayons help keep them busy while the grown ups chat.