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That's A Wrap! Pretty DIY Giftwrap Roundup

If you're lucky enough to have gotten your shopping done already, now's the time to wrap! Here are some of our favorite DIYs from around the web to get you well on your way to the prettiest presents under the tree.

First off, we love this adorable and kid-friendly cardboard cutout DIY from Mer Mag! Once you've finished making your very own gingerbread man or Santa Claus, you could use it to decorate the top of a package for two presents in one! Via Mer Mag

Take tiny twigs and glue them on to the top of simply wrapped kraft paper presents in a tree pattern. Yarn bomb them for bonus festive points and finish with a little star on top. Via Fellow Fellow.

The ever-clever and delightful Joy Cho shows you how to wrap 3 different odd shaped presents, and we're especially in to this build-it-yourself box for treats of all kinds! Once you've gotten the box assembled (she has a great downloadable template here), you have have your kids help decorate the outside. The bright googly-eyes on the outside are particularly fun for littles! Via Oh Joy!

The easiest one yet, and oh-so-pretty. Perfect for the vintage-minded momma who always has extra scraps of fabric and a collection of hankies lying around. It's as simple as it looks, just lay cut pieces on top of simply wrapped packages or if they are small enough, tie them all around. Via My Cakies.

Even as adults, we're always looking for new ways to play with pipe cleaners and this sparkly bow DIY from A Beautiful Mess is just the thing for a perfect present topper. Using thrifted maps (or if you have an old car, we'll make a bet you might still even have one in your glove box) to make it even more unique and fun. Via A Beautiful Mess.

Pinterest Picks: November 21st


1. These little bird charms are so fun, each one has so much detail and personality. They would look really cute hanging from our DIY Wall Hanging from yesterday.

2. This guy makes us laugh, what a patient puppy he is.

3. A good project for kids that makes gift wrapping way more fun.

4. Cauliflower and brie sounds like a winning combo, and that gold fork is to die for!

5. That precious time period of being able to bathe your baby in the kitchen sink goes by way too fast. This photo is so intimate and sweet.

6. Do you get stuck in the rut of making snowflakes that all pretty much look the same? We sure do! This handy guide gives you lots of different options.

7. This is a really clever idea for upgrading an old table for a kids room with chalkboard paint. 

8. Hanna Home just launched, and we love all the stripes, especially this gender neutral sheet combination.

9. A paper bag stuffed turkey would make the Thanksgiving kids table feel a little more special, and the kraft paper and crayons help keep them busy while the grown ups chat.


Pinterest Picks: October 24th


1. We were so thrilled when this adorable berry baby came up in our Pinterest feed via You Are My Fave.

2. We love this photo of Amsterdam and it's dynamic skyline.

3. This pretty fall arrangement is great inspiration for upcoming holiday parties.

4. Pom pom ghosts are really funny and look super easy to make.

5. This recipe for mini Swedish chocolate cake–it's just the perfect portion and no extra temptation to eat another slice!

6. Papercut art always looks so pretty, this is especially fun and vibrant.

7. We are really loving our holiday sweater collection for family this year and how you can mix it OR match it.

8. These pumpkins and their facial expressions are so unique and hilarious!

9.  A clever way to display your favorite iphone photos.

Have a great weekend! We are planning on carving pumpkins and staying cozy inside this weekend (forecast says rain all weekend), what are your plans?


Pinterest Picks: October 10th


1. Petra Börner is a Swedish illustrator based in London. Her papercuts and illustrations are incredible.

2. Oliver Jeffer's books are magical and his illustrations are whimsical and always intriguing.

3. This guy is adorable and he's wearing some of our favorite boys items, that sweater is to die for!

4. How lucky is this girl? Her playroom has a climbing wall AND a trapeze. Jealous!

5. Pumpkins disguised as donuts.

6.  A creative use for perler beads.

7. These cookies are easy to make and pretty healthy as far as cookies go. Have you tried them, they're  delicious!

8. We came up with some fun Halloween costume ideas, this superhero costume is super simple and warm for a chilly night of trick-or-treating.

9. A beautiful view from the Mt. Hood wilderness.

Links We Love: Oct. 3rd

October is here, and we're loving every minute of it. Before we set off for a weekend of hiking, sipping cider and springing our winter clothes out of hibernation, here are our favorite links from the web!

"A League of Their Own" inspired costume

"A League of Their Own" inspired costume

How to make your very own rag doll

How to make your very own rag doll

DIY flower lunch bags

DIY flower lunch bags

Bedtime yoga for kids

Bedtime yoga for kids

Under the Sycamore's instagram feed

Under the Sycamore's instagram feed

A new issue of Mollie Makes is out!

A new issue of Mollie Makes is out!

A starry kids room

A starry kids room

A lovely fall print

A lovely fall print

Pinterest Picks: September 26


1. This family portrait is so funny and great.

2. This black cat kitty doll has some fantastic accessories.

3. Caramel apples are delicious, but so messy! Here is a more sophisticated caramel apple treat to try, and a little ice cream can't hurt.

4. Hoping to score an incredible bounty like this at the farmer's market this weekend!

5. An adorable fox cake for a fall birthday.

6. This magical bunny painting is so sweet.

7. These pom pom book marks  are easy to make and will look great on your coffee table.

8.  A unique way to make family tree artwork for your home.

9. This shot is from our Holiday catalog, check for it in your mailbox Monday. We love how it turned out, and think you will too!

Pinterest Picks: September 12



1. It's huckleberry season in the pacific NW, this muffin recipe + huckleberries = true love.

2. This makes us smile.

3. A super sweet fox pillow for the kids room.

4. Rock painting is always fun, and you know how much we love owls!

5. This pretty illustration feels very fall.

6. This little hanna model reminds us of (a very stylish) little red riding hood.

7. This baby!!!

8. A lovely napkin ring craft for fall parties. This could be pretty as a wreath, too.

9. Make a dollhouse out of old shoe boxes, the detail of this one is incredible.


Links We Love: September 5th

Post Labor Day blues be gone! Here's what made us cheery this week web-wise.

  • Daily gratitude now available in app form! (via design sponge)
  • Sometimes the best rainy day photos don't even require actual rain. (via 100 Layer Cake)
  • A super easy tape bunting DIY for kids. (via Under the Sycamore)
  • Yarn bomb teepee made specifically for dancing (via Natalie Miller Design)
  • A glimpse inside 11 Oregon homes (via design sponge again!)
  • Tomato season is quickly closing, now's your chance to make an awesome and easy herb tomato tart! (via saveur)
  • Love this Super Hats for Super Kids book + giveaway (via Prudent Baby)
  • It's never too soon to start thinking Halloween! Our not-so-creepy crawlers go quick, so consider this a PSA (via us)

Links We Love: August 29th

Frazzled but not frayed, here are our favorite web-moments of the week!

  • Love/want this sugar-themed compilation of accessories. (via you are my fave)
  • Always wanted to gift one of Paul Ferney's Commission Project paintings! Such an amazing, affordable chance for a one-of-a-kind piece of art. (via oh happy day)
  • Little miss Eleanor is a natural for our kid's quotes! (via Love, Taza)
  • Congrats to the super-talented Andrea Hanki on her fun Halloween spread in Better Homes and Gardens. (via Adventures in Pinksugarland)
  • Yes, please. I'll have one and/or several of those (via How sweet eats)
  • This Swedish apartment was very accurately described as "fabulous." We can't get enough of that clean, crisp style. (via My Scandinavian Home)
  • This baby french bulldog jumping in to his owner's arms is the video that gives all the smiles. (via incredible things)
  • Just how many veggies you should be eating on the reg. Not surprisingly, the visuals do help. (via the kitchn)

Links We Love: August 22nd

Where the heck did August go?! We need to give it the "fastest disappearing month" award. While we look for that, here's what we found on the web this week when we should have been outside!

  • In honor of the epic Simpson's marathon happening this week, here is a free doughnut themed desktop background for you. (via Design is Mine)
  • Feeling some serious hometown foodie pride after Portland's Narumol Poonsukwattana, owner of the beloved food cart Nong's Khao Man Gai, slayed the competition on our favorite food network show Chopped. (via Portland Monthly).
  • Congrats to the Patton Camp on 5 years of wedded bliss! And major props to that incredible sweeping veil that Grace wore on her big day. (via Camp Patton)
  • This LUSH-inspired DIY bath bomb is both super easy to make and totally cheap! Baths, you can never have too many. (via Skip to my Lou)
  • These tongue-in-cheek "useless objects" by artist Katerina Kamprani make us smile. (via Bored Panda)
  • $40 is a little too steep, but this certificate of awesome is fully, well, awesome for letting someone know that you think that they are in fact, awesome. (via Swiss miss)
  • Oh the elusive perfect daily planner... here are some solid options for the organizationally-needy. (via hello bee)
  • This Wes Anderson character mobile by SmileFelt is one of the best hipster nursery items we've ever seen. (via Mother Mag)



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