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Keeping Cozy: A Hanna How-To

Brrrrr... you guys feeling that crisp air these days? We polled our fellow Hannas around the office to find out what they do to keep cozy, warm, and happy all season long. See what everyone said below!

 "My favorite thing about fall is getting to wear big fuzzy hats like this. I keep extra cozy by making fresh hot apple cider and sipping it through a cinnamon stick”

- Erin, content producer

"The best part of fall is putting on my fluffy Camp Socks - After a long day at work, and on the weekends when I’m hanging around the house reading books or baking my famous pumpkin spice muffins! I keep cozy by bundling up for a long walk with my son. We name the colors of leaves that fall from the trees, and stop for tea and cookies at our favorite Boulangeri."

- Jen, girls designer

"I’m not allowed to say this (without getting lots of dirty looks), but I LOVE the gray, drizzly season in Portland. There’s nothing I love more than wrapping up in a cozy sweater and sitting by the fire. I just picked up this Nordic sweater from the Love, Hanna line, and you might just find me wearing this every day until the sun comes out (in nine months). Ultimate coziness!"

- Kara, home merchant

"I love hanna’s flannel shirts for my son because they make for the softest hugs. In fall, we love to sit in front of the fire to stay cozy with all our favorite books and our dog and cat."

- Krista, graphic designer

"Layering is a huge part of dressing for fall, which is why this sweet little vest is a must for my (almost) 3 year-old daughter. It’s easy to wear over long-sleeved shirts and adds a bit of spunk to a dress.Fall cozy to me is taking a long hike in the woods to ogle leaves then afterwards, snuggling up with a book and a chai tea from Townsends."

- Felicity, digital designer

"The name says it all! These cozy textured tights keep me both cozy and fashionable in fall. Also, I love using my pup’s warmth to keep my feet cozy on days when it’s extra chilly.”

- Shellane, art director