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Halloween Costumes With #hannajams

Four easy costume ideas that your kids will want to dress up in way beyond October 31st! Keep comfy and cute in our themed #hannajams and matching accessories, perfect for Halloween. 

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Cat Costume

Halloween can’t go on without kitty in the house! Classic and fun kitty jams with matching tail and ears.

What you need: EEK! O Friendly Kitty Long Johns, Kitty Mask, Kitten Tail, and a big MEOW! 

DIY Fox Costume

Halloween can’t go on without a friendly fox! The Hanna fox is perfect for your kiddo with personality and spunk.

What you'll need: EEK! O Friendly Spider Web Hannajams, Friendly Fox Critter MaskTail

Werewolf Costume

Right when the sun goes down, the werewolves come out! 

What you'll need: Glow in the dark Skeleton hannajms, Werewolf mask, a tail and a longgg howl. 

Baby Gnome!
Baby Gnome Costume

Baby Gnome is a Hanna classic. Dress baby boy or girl up in our scandi-inspired gnome for memories of a lifetime.

What you'll need: Cozy Gnome Bonnet, Elbow Patch Cardigan, Pincord Bloomers, Cozy Booties, and research on little gnome facts!  

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Inspiration: Cute & Easy DIY Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching so we decided to whip up a few easy costume options for your little ones! Taking inspiration from our latest batch of fall outfits, we just added a few accessories and special handmade touches to complete each look. (Look out for the especially amazing felt masks from Opposite of Far we just started carrying online & in-stores!)

Costume Idea #1: Baby Gnome

You'll need...

The best thing about this little gnome costume is the adorable beard! To make your own, just take some thick white yarn (or pillow filler, or cotton balls) and superglue to a piece of paper cut out in to the shape of beard you want. Then just add holes on either side and use yarn to tie around the back or to the hat strings.

Costume Idea #2: Princess Kitty

You'll need...

For a few fun added touches, we took a cheap plastic crown from the dollar store and added felt cat ears to it. Plus we handmade a wand using a wooden dole which we poked through a styrofoam star spray painted gold and glittered. The tail was a super easy sew job made from grey felt and stuffed with pillow filler!

Idea #3: Cozy Superhero

You'll need...

This costume is all about being comfy! Once you've got the mask and the outfit, the only accessory you need is a lightweight sheet (we used a scrap piece of silk) to use as a cape and you're good to go!

Idea #4: The Littest Reindeer

You'll need...

This costume is as easy as can be! To make the antler headband we just wrapped brown yarn around a thick plain headband and added a few sticks to the top, which we wrapped in yarn and glue to secure to the top.

We hope these easy costumes spark some inspiration of your own! Tell us what you're doing for Halloween, and don't forget to enter our Cutest Costumes Pic-of-the-Month contest on facebook!