Hanna Looks

Our Forever Dress

Made by Hanna. Our beloved, most worn, twirl-able, playground-able, washable, wearable dress with a new update: it can be worn backwards or forwards! Wear your buttons in the front, or wear them in the back. With updated floral prints, classic stripes and super comfy short sleeves, tried and true Hanna-me-down quality: it's the dress to keep. 

Erin Loechner’s little girl little girl pictured above in Our Pink Stripe Forever Dress with the buttons in the front! 

Maya is always running around over at @dit_elle! There’s nothing better than being able to wear a super comfy dress and tights and be able to run around, get dirty and just throw in the wash as many times as she needs.

Mix and match stripes & floral tights for a super fun spring outfit. Fern, Lauren Hartmen's little one swinging and swaying in the classic Blue Stripe and Pink Floral Capri Legging

Jen Pinkston’s mini, Parker makes Our Forever Dress look undoubtedly iconic. Turning Spring even brighter in Our Apple Red Toddler Forever Dress and Pink Knee Patch Legging

THE dress to keep and pass down from sister to sister, cousin to cousin and friend to friend. All these beautiful ladies with Ruby Ellen. They wear it each their own way, with googly doughnut eyes and big smiles! 

Kate’s little one behind @StyleSmaller goes barefoot in a bun with the Pink Floral Forever Dress

Charlotte, @mhendricks little one styled with perfect playground pigtails, with buttons in back and Pink Capri Leggings! 

We hear stories of girls passing down Our Forever Dress through five sisters. What is your Hanna dress story? Share with #ilovemyhannas