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Travel Packing for Littles

From handmade lists of I spy, toddler friendly activity books, audio books and favorite toys, there’s a lot of preparation to be done (and not done) for a graceful travel with littles. Granted, there won’t be grace in every moment... but that’s the magic. Whether you’re slipping into a long car ride across the state, or bringing your little walker onto an airplane for the first time, being prepared and ready for traveling hiccups is the best we can do. 

Pack light. Depending on the length of your stay, it might be more useful to bring a small bottle of laundry friendly soap, and to make friends with the shower rod to hang dry, rather than bringing 10+ pairs of unders. We like dr. bronners for in - hotel use, as well as outdoor washing. It’s good for dishes, laundry, hair... There are a million different uses and a little goes a long way.

Keep outfits coordinating. We love bright color, so whether you like the kiddos to stand out in all colors of the rainbow, or like to coordinate a monotone pallet, mix, match and layer— there are so many ways to wear hannas, from the plane, to the pool. 

Stockpile travel activities. There are a million different games and apps to keep the kiddos attention along the way, but there’s also magic in keeping their eyes up and looking around. Introduce “I Spy”, books on tape, even play-doh to bring a sense of imagination and learning while taking in the clouds in the sky, or herds of cow passing across the country... 

Backpacks can be your best friend. A trusty backpack that can fit their essentials for the whole trip, or just a day can do the trick. Allowing kids to lookout for their own things (with a watchful eye from mom and dad) can empower them to lookout and care for their own things. We’ve all got places to be, and a backpack may be a simpler more lightweight solution to letting the littles lug around a rolling suitcase or shoulder bag.

Bring only the essential gear. Consider leaving the hassle of carrying around their stroller or bassinet, and invest in a baby wrap. Look into hotel amenities, many offer free or rental baby cots, add on a baby seat to the rental car, and there are even companies that deliver. Research your options, it may be worth a few extra dollars to rent, than the extra back pain carrying the extra gear may bring. 


A few resources for moms: 

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