Hanna Looks

Halloween Costumes With #hannajams

Four easy costume ideas that your kids will want to dress up in way beyond October 31st! Keep comfy and cute in our themed #hannajams and matching accessories, perfect for Halloween. 

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Cat Costume

Halloween can’t go on without kitty in the house! Classic and fun kitty jams with matching tail and ears.

What you need: EEK! O Friendly Kitty Long Johns, Kitty Mask, Kitten Tail, and a big MEOW! 

DIY Fox Costume

Halloween can’t go on without a friendly fox! The Hanna fox is perfect for your kiddo with personality and spunk.

What you'll need: EEK! O Friendly Spider Web Hannajams, Friendly Fox Critter MaskTail

Werewolf Costume

Right when the sun goes down, the werewolves come out! 

What you'll need: Glow in the dark Skeleton hannajms, Werewolf mask, a tail and a longgg howl. 

Baby Gnome!
Baby Gnome Costume

Baby Gnome is a Hanna classic. Dress baby boy or girl up in our scandi-inspired gnome for memories of a lifetime.

What you'll need: Cozy Gnome Bonnet, Elbow Patch Cardigan, Pincord Bloomers, Cozy Booties, and research on little gnome facts!  

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