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So Long Summer: A Shelter Island Farewell

Right now is perhaps the most bittersweet and beautiful time of the year. Post Labor Day, when the sun hasn't yet turned its back to us but there's that subtle (or not-so subtle, depending on where you are) feel to the air that says we aren't long for this season.


It seems hard to be nostalgic for a summer that's not quite yet gone. However, looking at these images shot on Shelter Island by one of our longstanding photographers Amanda Pratt, premature mourning comes easy.

Take a journey with Pratt and her gorgeous brood through their last adventure of the summer. There's Paloma (Lolo) the biggest at age 5, her 3 year-old sister Beatrice (Bea) - the blonde - and the littlest one Tallulah (Tulli) who is 1 and a half. (Plus a cameo from August, Lolo's friend and their resident boy-next-door!)

So what's the story on their secret island getaway?

Amanda says:

"My husband, Anthony, is a writer, who has been coming out to shelter island for about 20 years. He has always rented this old fisherman's shack, known as the 'Scallop Shop' as this was where they cleaned all their scallops during the harvest. What's amazing about this spot is that it's on a peninsula that has not changed in 50 years. The fishermen still go out every morning, and the land and ocean there are completely unspoiled."

Eyelet slip  by Hanna Andersson

Eyelet slip by Hanna Andersson

"Since we have chosen to raise our girls in the city, this place is a perfect release for them. And being an island also gives it a magical, mysterious feeling."

"When Anthony first started renting it, it was quite basic, nothing fancy. We have been together about 10 years and he brought me out here after we started dating more seriously, and we began to really fix the place up together, going for a minimal danish modern look."

Swedish clogs  by Hanna Andersson

Swedish clogs by Hanna Andersson

"We married, had the girls, and would always come out here after the birth of each of our children as it was the perfect getaway from the city. We have so many great memories of those weeks after the kids were born and being out here alone with them, very special times. We rent the shack for 6 months a year, seasonally, and since we are both freelance, we come out whenever there's a break in our schedule. The girls love it and it really has become an important part of our life."

Rugged For Keeps sweatshirt  by Hanna Andersson

Rugged For Keeps sweatshirt by Hanna Andersson

"This shack and our first born, Paloma, has inspired a children's book my husband wrote called 'Phenegher Strump and the Bug Hall Ball'. it has just gone into it's second printing and there's a film script in the works."

(Psssst: You can read a preview of the book here.)

Thank you, Amanda, for giving us a glimpse of your little paradise. And with that we say, "So Long Summer!"

Until next time...


All images by Amanda Pratt