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New Year's Eve Printable for Kids

It's official everyone: We're living in the future! 2015 is very nearly here and we can hardly even believe it. New Year's Eve with kids is usually a bit of a different ballgame in terms of celebration tactics but it can definitely be just as (and who are we kidding, probably more) fun than a big expensive night on the town.

In fact, our Catalog Art Director Salina has the best NYE tradition. She has a big party with kids, friends and family with a countdown to 12 (PM!). There's fun snacks, games and a formal countdown to noon with traditional noisemakers, cheers and hollers. Then they cap it all off with a nice nap! In a word: Brilliant. 

We created this fun printable activity that your kids and their friends can fill out as a simple little snapshot of their year, plus what they hope to do in 2015. You can download it here