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New Year's Eve Printable for Kids

It's official everyone: We're living in the future! 2015 is very nearly here and we can hardly even believe it. New Year's Eve with kids is usually a bit of a different ballgame in terms of celebration tactics but it can definitely be just as (and who are we kidding, probably more) fun than a big expensive night on the town.

In fact, our Catalog Art Director Salina has the best NYE tradition. She has a big party with kids, friends and family with a countdown to 12 (PM!). There's fun snacks, games and a formal countdown to noon with traditional noisemakers, cheers and hollers. Then they cap it all off with a nice nap! In a word: Brilliant. 

We created this fun printable activity that your kids and their friends can fill out as a simple little snapshot of their year, plus what they hope to do in 2015. You can download it here


From Us to You: Holiday Card Printable

Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing and jing-ting-tingaling yet? Now that December is upon us, we're starting to feel that holiday rush. So much to do and so little time! No matter how busy things get during this time of year, we always make it a priority to send Christmas cards to our nearest and dearest. It can be as involved as a 10 page yearly recap (so not happening this year!) or as simple as a festive postcard with 'seasons greetings' scrawled messily on the back.

As communication get less tactile every year, it's just such a pleasure to receive something to hold in the mail. We love displaying each and every card received all season long on our mantle.

To join in the fun, we have created our own printable Christmas photo card just for you!

We designed our card to fit an instagram sized print - all you have to do is print it out on some card stock and make 4 little incisions on the marks provided and add your pic.

You can download it here.

Speaking of instagram... are you following us @happyhannas yet? :)

Holiday Happenings: Printable Gift Tags

Gift giving time is coming up quick! We love being able to make presents extra personalized and get our kids involved with the wrapping and decoration aspect. One of the best ways to add a special homemade touch is with gift tags so we made a few cute and easy printable options based off our favorite holiday sleepwear prints!

Just print these out on on a heavier card stock and have your littles color them every which way while you wrap up the packages. We love the look of adding extra embellishments to the top of simply wrapped presents. We added twine, yarn pom poms, and gold leaves to ours but obviously, the sky (or craft store) is the limit!

Download these cute printable gift tags here. Happy gifting!

November calendar

Happy November! The air is getting crisper and we are starting to feel a little of that holiday spirit around here!

This month's calendar was inspired by some of our adorable and cozy mittens. You can download a printable version here, and here is a big one you can download for your computer desktop.

Halloween Party Invite Printable

Do you have any spooky plans for Halloween? If you've got little ones, why not host a small and easy party, either in lieu of, or in addition to going out trick or treating! A costume party full of dressed up cuties is a ton of fun for all. To get you motivated we thought we'd help out with Step 1: The invites!

We created this one-of-a-kind Halloween invitation just for you inspired by some our very own Hanna prints (like THIS owl shirt, and our special Halloween Sleepwear).

Click here to download and save the invite. Just print them out, fill in a few of your own details and you're good to go!

Also, don't forget to enter our October Pic-of-the-month contest! The theme is Costume Cuties. You can post a pic and enter to win a $100 gift card HERE.

October calendar

Fall's in full swing and things are getting a little spooky around here! We made this October calendar for you to bring a pop of color and sweetness to your workspace or kid's room. We hope you love it!

Click HERE to print out your calendar, or HERE if you'd like a large version to save as your computer desktop. Enjoy!

Playlist: Feels like Fall

Fall moods require fall tunes! It's a little cooler, a little darker, and much cozier around this time of year. We put together playlist that's made up of office picks for favorite low-key songs of the season. Give this a listen while you're relaxing with your kids, making dinner, or when you decide to tackle some overdue work you've been putting off for too long. It's guaranteed to make everything feel a little bit better.*


 *Bonus points for adding a cup of coco or hot apple cider in to the mix while listening.

September calendar

Although it still feels like summer here in Portland, there is a hint of fall in the air. We have to admit, although we love all these sunny days, we are actually looking forward to that first sweater day and all the leaves changing color!


Here is our September calendar, click HERE to print one out or HERE to download it for your computer desktop. Enjoy!