Yarn Bomb Wall Hanging

Since we're all about yarn bombing this season, here's another fun and easy craft for you! This one is super quick to make and looks adorable hanging in a kid's room. It also makes a cute present for a grandparent, or someone special in your child's life, and it can be really customized to reflect your child's personality. We used pom poms (another current fave) and feathers, but sky's the limit!

Here is what you'll need:

  • Yarn
  • Craft rings
  • Scissors
  • Pom poms
  • Colored safety pins (optional)
  • Feathers (optional)

Start by simply wrapping your rings with yarn! Use whatever color combination you like. Now this can get a little tedious for small hands, so a smaller ring may be better for those with limited patience, or you can also use thicker yarn to make the wrapping go faster. When you want to change colors you can just make a make a slip knot and start the next color. You can easily wrap over any loose ends, or if you are worried about it coming undone, use a dab of glue to glue it to the back.



Once you are done wrapping you can add your decoration. We made little pom poms with an inexpensive pom pom maker from the craft store, or you can make some with a piece of cardboard like in this tutorial. Just make sure you leave one of your ties long so you can pin it to your main ring with your cute safety pin. Add any other decoration you like! We loved how this polka dot feather looked, but you could also try ribbon, beads, or pretty much any little thing that you can hang from a string! The end result is a simple, pretty and completely unique decoration for your wall.