Easy Wall Art DIY

Here is a quick and easy diy that can brighten up any room and add a ton of visual interest to an empty wall. It's a great way to re-purpose your child's favorite clothing that they have outgrown, or an heirloom textile that you just aren't sure what to do with. Even scraps that you may have kept from past craft or sewing projects are perfect for this.

Here is what you will need:

  • Embroidery hoops of various sizes
  • Scissors
  • Enough fabric to cover each of your embroidery hoops
  • An iron

Lay out your fabrics and decide which one you want to use for each hoop. It's always better to start out with more fabric scraps than you may need because you'll want to find colors and prints that look good together (you may end up changing your mind once you see the fabrics together!). Keep in mind that you want to pick colors that will both complement each other and the room you want to put them in. We chose some fabric from our girl's collection and some other fabric swatches that we thought looked nice together. Tip: It usually looks best if you use varying sizes of fabric patterns!


Iron all your fabric so it's nice and wrinkle free. Then stretch your fabric over the embroidery hoop, tighten, and close. Carefully trim any excess fabric on the back and you're done! Now you are ready to hang your art. You can try out different arrangements on a table first to see what works best, and then easily hang with a small nail.