Scandi Paper Heart

Making woven paper heart ornaments is a Swedish Christmas tradition that makes for a fun and simple kids craft. Children in Sweden and Denmark learn how to make these hearts in Kindergarten, and they are often filled with candy or other small treats and then hung on the Christmas tree. Traditionally made with red and white paper (but as you can see below, any color combination works just as well), these hearts are a great way to bring a little Nordic tradition in to your home for the holidays. 


All that you need to make Swedish hearts is two contrasting colored pieces of paper, scissors and glue. The first time is a little tricky, the important thing to remember is that you are weaving your stripes through each other in order to create an opening at the top.

Place the two pieces next to each other with the rounded ends towards you. Imagine that the strips are numbered, with the closest strip on each piece of paper to you being number.  Weave strip 1 through strip 1, around strip 2, and through strip 3. Continue until you are finished weaving that strip. Repeat until you have woven all three rows together, you should be able to open the top of the heart so it forms a vessel. If a more visual reference helps, here is a great video that shows how it's done.

Then glue an extra strip on for the handle, fill with treats and hang from your christmas tree! 

hanna andersson swedish heart image 5