Wooden Flag Pennant DIY

One of the best things about photoshoots is getting to work with talented people who bring so much spark and creativity to the room. On our fall shoot for Hanna Home, our prop stylists Dane Holweger and Margo Latka helped us create (among other things) this awesome and fun wooden flag pennant. It's the perfect piece to add whimsy to any space, but it's particularly wonderful for a kid's room. Here's what you need to make your own below!


- paint (several colors)
- cups/mason jars for paint
- a ruler
- string
- grommets
- grommet pilers
- box cutter blade
- pencil
- cardboard (template)
- scrap cardboard
- thin scrap birch/wood


1. Cut a triangle template from the cardboard. Use the template to trace onto the wood, then cut out the triangles using the blade. Once you’re done, lay out your grommets.

2. Use the grommet pliers to punch holes at the top two corners of you triangles. Once you’re done, pour paint into individual cups (fill about 3/4), then dip the tip of your triangles into the colors of your choice.

3. Lay out your triangles to dry on a scrap piece of cardbard. Once they’re dry, string them together by pulling the string away from you in the first hole, then towards you through the second hole. 


Enjoy your flag pennant! And don't forget to check out our new Fall Hanna Home line (including Queen sheets!) launching online in only 5 more days.