Wooden Flag Pennant DIY

One of the best things about photoshoots is getting to work with talented people who bring so much spark and creativity to the room. On our fall shoot for Hanna Home, our prop stylists Dane Holweger and Margo Latka helped us create (among other things) this awesome and fun wooden flag pennant. It's the perfect piece to add whimsy to any space, but it's particularly wonderful for a kid's room. Here's what you need to make your own below!


- paint (several colors)
- cups/mason jars for paint
- a ruler
- string
- grommets
- grommet pilers
- box cutter blade
- pencil
- cardboard (template)
- scrap cardboard
- thin scrap birch/wood


1. Cut a triangle template from the cardboard. Use the template to trace onto the wood, then cut out the triangles using the blade. Once you’re done, lay out your grommets.

2. Use the grommet pliers to punch holes at the top two corners of you triangles. Once you’re done, pour paint into individual cups (fill about 3/4), then dip the tip of your triangles into the colors of your choice.

3. Lay out your triangles to dry on a scrap piece of cardbard. Once they’re dry, string them together by pulling the string away from you in the first hole, then towards you through the second hole. 


Enjoy your flag pennant! And don't forget to check out our new Fall Hanna Home line (including Queen sheets!) launching online in only 5 more days.


Easy Peasy Painted Pillowcase

There are tons of fabulous DIY tutorials out there for incredible looking bedding. Feeling inspired by all the great ideas for personalizing your sheets, we thought we'd join in on the fun! Even if you don't consider yourself especially "crafty" - have no fear, because we're right there with you! In the spirit of simplicity, we created our own easy peasy painted pillowcase that will add the perfect little pop to any room (it also looks pretty fabulous with most of our Hanna Home Line).

All you need is:


STEP 1: Using the pencil, draw approximately 3 inch half circles across the edge of the pillowcase. Since you are going for a more handmade look, these don't need to be exactly the same size and can be distanced as desired. 


STEP 2: Place your cardboard or cutting mat under one side of the pillowcase so the paint doesn't bleed onto the other side. Dab your brush in paint and begin to fill in the pencil outlines. 


STEP 3: Hang the pillowcase to dry.

STEP 4: After the pillowcase is dry, repeat steps 1-3 for the other side. 

Guest Blogger: Handmade Charlotte

Meet our Guest Blogger and Queen of Pinterest: Rachel Faucett! She is the founder of the wildly popular online family publication Handmade Charlotte. The mother of five lives on a horse farm with her husband near Atlanta, Georgia. We'll be partnering with her for the next month to bring you all kinds of fun kid-centric DIYs and home inspiration!

High Fives for DIYs From Handmade Charlotte

Eek! I just jumped up in the air, added a twist, and clapped three times! Why am I so excited? Because Handmade Charlotte is partnering with Hanna Andersson to bring you the very best in DIY and home inspiration, AND (most importantly!) to introduce Hanna Home - their exciting new home collection. Check out HA’s Pinterest boards and follow along as we fill them up with gorgeous style for you and your family.

To give you a sneak peak into what you will find there, I’ve put together some darling, decorative, and delicious faves and DIYs to get your wheels a’spinning. So what are you waiting for? Check 'em out below!

1. Hanna Andersson’s New Home Collection

Hanna Andersson’s charming, nautically-inspired children’s interiors are nothing short
of perfection. I’m a huge fan of mixing and matching patterns - and Hanna Home has
zigzags, stripes, and checks to boot!

2. DIY Melted Gummy Bear Alphabet Edible Craft via Momtastic

What about DIY that’s as tasty as it is fun? Sign me up! Our best bud Brittni Mehlhoff
melted gummy bears and poured them into alphabet ice molds - what a cool idea! This
is a great way to personalize a table setting or even to share an inspirational quote with a
friend. Our sweet tooth is BIG fan of this one!

3. DIY Hand Stitched Lavender Filled Heart’s via Pippa Patchwork

These darling hand-sewn hearts instantly reminded us of the new Hanna Home collection’s
Heart Quilt. Filled with lavender, I think it would be an adorable idea to fold in
hand-written warm wishes. Whether you keep it on your bed to scent your dreams or
give it to someone special, this one makes our hearts thump.

4. DIY Crochet Floral Headpiece via Greedy For Colour

Spring, I’m so happy you’re here, good friend! My girls and I spotted this cutie pie DIY
and plan on making them to wear on Mother’s Day. What a sweet and simple way to celebrate
the season

5. DIY Peeled Bark Family Portraits via Made By Joel

Now here’s a crafty spin on the family portrait! Handmade Charlotte loves Made by Joel
- and our kids can’t get enough of his fun DIYs. This one turns tree bark into members
of your family - or turns your family members into tree bark? Either way, it’s definitely a mantle-worthy idea!

Jump over and join us as we paint the town Hanna Andersson red with our new shared Pinterest board. See you there!

Pom Pom Garland

Launching our new Hanna Home collection has been a true labor of love and we've been beyond excited for its debut. Since we began concepting our own home line, we really started thinking about what makes a house a home. When it comes to creating a happy family space, it's all about those little bits and pieces of personality and homemade touches. If there's one thing we love in a home it's a kid-friendly and whimsical feel. And what's more whimsical and fun than pom poms?!

So here we have a quick and easy tutorial for making your very own pom pom garland to bring a little extra cheer to your humble abode.

hanna anderson diy pom pom garland image 1

A colorful pom pom garland is such a fun piece to hang in a kid's room, nursery or even your living room. Any place you put it instantly becomes more festive! Plus it's a great indoor activity for the holidays. We used bright orange, yellow and multicolor yarn but a red, green and white one would perfect for Christmas!

If you don't have these handy little pom pom makers (available at most craft stores), you can also just use a standard or serving fork (see a tutorial here).

Supplies needed:

  • Pom Pom makers, various sizes
  • Yarn
  • Yarn needle

Make pom poms according to the instructions included with your pom pom maker. Once you have a good assortment of pom poms use another long piece of yarn with the yarn needle to thread your pom poms on. Holding the pom poms together while doing this helps loose pieces of yarn from falling out. Lay your garland out as long as you like it and space the pom poms out the distance apart from each other that works best for your space.

hanna anderson diy pom pom garland image 2

Now go find a spot to hang up your garland! They make for a great pop of color and add a nice cozy texture to a kids room. We're officially pom pom obsessed. Enjoy!

hanna anderson diy pom pom garland image 3

You can shop these Felted Fox & Hedgehog Pillowcases HERE, and don't forget to take a look at the entire Hanna Home collection for yourself! We'd love to hear what you think...