Potato Stamp DIY

Potato stamps are a simple, fun craft that is good for all ages and also something you don't need a lot of supplies on hand for. It's just potatoes, paint and a brush and you're well on your way! With the holidays quickly approaching, this activity is perfect for putting together some cute, personalized gifts for people (and bonus: even gift wrap to match)!

Supplies needed:

  • Potatoes
  • paint or stamp pad
  • brushes
  • something to cut your potatoes with
  • something to stamp on!

First cut your potatoes in half and let them sit, flat side down, on a paper towel or newspaper for awhile to help absorb some of the moisture. Next you'll want to draw on your design, a marker works well. Keep in mind simple designs are easier to cut and print, even triangles and squares will look cute! Once you have your design it's time to cut it out. This part definitely needs to be done by an adult, we found that x acto knives worked well, but a paring knife would probably also do the trick.

Now you are ready to start printing! We used acrylic paint, a brush and had some blank tea towels and butcher paper to print on. There are no rules, use any colors and stamps you like! You can even get really detailed and paint designs on your stamps, like stripes or polka dots.

This is a great way to get your child participating in the giving spirit by making some homemade good that their loved ones will cherish. AND they will feel so proud to give them!