Painted Love Rocks


Valentine’s Day is usually a recipe for serious sugar overload, and so while we’re all for sweet treats we love the idea of a special giftable kids can make for their classmates that will last past lunch. These hand painted heart rocks are a perfect way to spread the love. We like to give them as a token along with little Valentine cards or to just leave in plain sight for a stranger to stumble upon on their way to work or school.

The process of making these love rocks (as we like to call them!) is easy and super kid-friendly. You can either gather up a bunch of small stones outside or go buy a bag at your local craft store. We like acrylic paint for its brightness and its non-toxicity.

You’ll need:

·      A variety of rocks
·      Paints
·      Paint brushes
·      Newspaper
·      Sharpie

Set your kids up with a nice low crafting station with lots of newspaper put down. Paint each rock with a base coat of whatever color you choose and set aside to let dry. (You can use a hair-dryer to speed along the process for impatient littles.) It’s up to you/them whether or not to paint the entire rock or just one side of it. We did a variety. Once the paint has dried, use a contrasting color to paint a heart on (you might want to outline it for them with the sharpie first). Afterward, have them sign their name on the back.

Like we said before, these are perfect to give as mini Valentine’s to classmates, friends and family. Or have a fun adventure and leave them as little surprises hidden around your neighborhood! Either way, you’re spreading the love around for all!