Pick & Play! Summer Printable


We got the idea to make this fun printable for you from one of our longtime (26 years at Hanna!) employees who said she had a blast doing this with her daughter last summer. What they did was spend an afternoon brainstorming a list of everything they wanted to do that summer. Then they used watercolors to paint a few sheets of paper, cutting out various shapes and sizes. On each cutout they wrote down one of their summer adventure ideas and glued a little mini magnet on the back so they could all go up on the fridge. The agreement was that every Saturday her daughter could pick whichever activity she wanted to do that day and they would go do it, no matter what!

Such a great idea right? All it takes is a little work upfront and then you have this wonderful cache of fun summer ideas ready to go! We came up with an easy printable for you below with some ideas already in there, plus a few blanks ones for you to fill in yourselves.


Click HERE to download your own Pick & Play list! Summer can't start fast enough!

May Day DIY!

You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers! Growing up, May Day was one of our happiest days of spring. We loved surprising our neighbors, teachers and friends with little bouquets of fresh flowers. It was a giddy treat to be able to sneak up to doors, hang our little baskets, ring the doorbell and run as fast as we could. Below is a super simple craft to make with your littles to share in a little May Day fun!


What you will need:

- flowers
- small plastic bag
- decorative paper
- hole punch
- ribbon 
- tape
- stapler
- wet paper towel


1. Create the decorative cone: Roll up a piece of decorative paper and staple in place.
2. Cut and trim the flowers to an appropriate length.
3. For longer-lasting flowers: Re--use the plastic wrapping (or a plastic bag) to create a waterproof cone to house a temporay water source for the flowers. To do this, wet a paper towel and wrap it around the ends of your flowers.
4. Final assembly: Place the bundle of flowers in the plastic cone, then place into the decorative cone. Use a hole punch to create one hole on each side of the decorative cone. Cut two pieces of ribbon and tie through each of the holes, then tie the ends of ribbon together.


How sweet right? There isn't a person alive who wouldn't be touched to find one of these magically hung up on their
front door (or office door like we did here!).

Hooray for May Day!


Reconstructed Art Collage

Kids are natural artists. Their color use is bold and the little scenes they depict are super expressionistic. It's easy to get attached to every piece of art kids do, but unfortunately, in most homes, there just isn't enough wall space to showcase all that beauty!

There are a ton of handy-dandy storage and framing options for kids' art out there on the web. This frame also acts as a little storage bin. These desks have built-in shelves and drawers, perfect for keeping art safe and off the floor. And there is always the option of storing art digitally using Artkive app.

However... if you'd rather get a bit more crafty with some of the art you have, you can make a fun and easy reconstructed art collage. To do this, see our step-by-step tutorial below. 

This project is great for 2.5 (with supervision) to 4 year-olds because it teaches them about shapes and mixing colors. Tracing and cutting also helps them utilize their fine motor skills. 

Supplies needed:

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Five (or so) artworks
  • A pencil
  • Various sized tin lids
  • Fun-shaped cookie cutters
  • Picture frame

Trace shapes onto the artwork using a pencil and then cut out different sized shapes out with scissors. Cut out a perfect square (or whatever shape your frame happens to be) and glue a smaller shape onto the square. Using your hands, press the shape really hard and arrange the other shapes onto your square in any way you please!

Final step: Frame and hang! Ta-da!