Painted Leaf Wreath


Ready for a little Fall adventure? Bring the outdoors inside with this fun and super seasonal DIY. The thing we love most about this craft (besides how festive it looks on our wall!) is that it's a great excuse to get outdoors.

Painted Leaf Wreath Hanna Andersson Image 1

Whether you make a trip to your local park, or go out for a quick hike in the woods, getting in touch with nature is such a wonderful way to spend time with your kids. So, for the first step of this craft, head outside and collect some leaves to paint!

This craft is a perfect project for kids of all ages and they'll love seeing the end result hanging up in your house.

Here are the materials you will need to make your own painted leaf wreath:

Once you have collected your leaves, you can start painting. Bright colors look really pretty against the autumn foliage, and white works beautifully too. Once you have painted a handful of leaves, let them dry overnight.


This next part is a wee bit challenging, but don't worry - we'll get through this together! To make the base for your wreath, start by wrapping your moss-covered wire into a circle (about the diameter of an orange). Overlap it loosely a few times and then tuck the ends in. (Note: If you are using a pre-made wreath base then you can skip this step!)

Next carefully twist-tie your leaves to the raffia using about an inch long length of the floral wire. If you are using paper covered wire it will blend in easily. If you're using a wire that you want to hide more, twist tie the leaves in the back. Start with your biggest leaves first for the back and keep working around the wreath base until your wreath is nice and full.

You're all finished! Find a nice space to hang up your new creation and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Remember, the leaves are a little fragile and brittle so handle carefully during construction and hanging :)