Easy Peasy Painted Pillowcase

There are tons of fabulous DIY tutorials out there for incredible looking bedding. Feeling inspired by all the great ideas for personalizing your sheets, we thought we'd join in on the fun! Even if you don't consider yourself especially "crafty" - have no fear, because we're right there with you! In the spirit of simplicity, we created our own easy peasy painted pillowcase that will add the perfect little pop to any room (it also looks pretty fabulous with most of our Hanna Home Line).

All you need is:


STEP 1: Using the pencil, draw approximately 3 inch half circles across the edge of the pillowcase. Since you are going for a more handmade look, these don't need to be exactly the same size and can be distanced as desired. 


STEP 2: Place your cardboard or cutting mat under one side of the pillowcase so the paint doesn't bleed onto the other side. Dab your brush in paint and begin to fill in the pencil outlines. 


STEP 3: Hang the pillowcase to dry.

STEP 4: After the pillowcase is dry, repeat steps 1-3 for the other side.