Playhouse Bed Frame DIY

If you've already tackled the first DIY from our Fall Hanna Home shoot than you might be ready for something a little bit more labor-intensive. Our prop stylist Dane has an extra special project up his sleeves for you: A Playhouse Toddler-Size Bed Frame! Not for the tool-averse, this project offers challenges and rewards. We recommend an extra set of hands to hold lumber in place and help out with the trickier steps! Here’s what you need to make your own below:


- 2 x 2 x 8 wood blocks
- minter saw
- a ruler
- drill
- elmers glue
- wide paint brush
- hammer
- measuring tape
- brackets
- nails 
- varnish

1. Gather tools and materials pictured above. (Please note: The board feet of lumber will depend on the exact size of your toddler’s mattress and height of your house). Cut (4) 42” vertical 2x2 posts to stand at each corner.

2. Cut 2x2 pieces to create the frame around the bed attaching to the vertical posts at the corners. Pre-drill holes just smaller than your 3” wood screws making sure to put one screw above the other so they don’t hit where they cross. This is an important place to have help stabilizing the corner posts.

3. Attach steel corner brackets to keep things sturdy. Cut 2x2 pieces to go between the posts at the top (same length as pieces directly below. Pre-drill and attach. Steel brackets at these corners too. Attach (2) pieces of 2x2 to form a 90 degree angle for each end of the house. Hold these corners up to the end of the house with the peak centered and mark where they line up with the outside edges of the house.

4. Mitre cut at these marks and attach the roof pieces by pre-drilling before putting in the screw. One piece of 2x2 left to insert between the 2 peaks and the house is finished. For stability I would now cut 1x3 slats at the bottom evenly spaced with about 2” of space between each.

5. Good wood glue should be applied at all wood joins! And steel corner brackets should be installed at all 90 degree joints. Sand and clear coat with a water based non toxic finish.


Enjoy your cool new playhouse bed frame!