Corn Husk Yarn Jars

Yarn bombing was a big theme for our Holiday photoshoot and we love how the act of simply wrapping something with yarn can give it more personality. This craft has a cozy, fall harvest feel to it and makes for a great gift or holiday decoration. Kids can definitely help with this project, and it would make a great teacher's gift as is, or filled with something special. You could also put a candle or flowers in it for a fall accent to your holiday table.

Here is what you will need:

  • jars or cans, any size (we used these)
  • corn husks
  • yarn
  • rubber band
  • glue
  • dried flowers, twigs, berries (optional)
Hanna Andersson DIY Yarn Bomb Jars Image 5

First trim your corn husk to tidy it up and fit nicely around your jar. For ours, it took two corn husks to cover both sides of the jar. To help secure the husk around the jar you can use your rubber band to keep it in place and also little glue if your having trouble. You can either cut your rubber band off once you feel that everything is secure, or leave it and cover it up (no one will ever know it's there).

Once your jar is wrapped with the husk, start wrapping your yarn around the jar in rows. Put a dab of glue on the end to start and slowly wrap over the corn husk, working your way down. When you want to switch colors, trim your yarn and glue the end down and repeat until you have covered most of the jar but left a bit of the corn husk peeking out of both ends.

Now that you have your jar wrapped you can either stop here, or if you want to add a little something more to your project, use the corn husk as a tie around the jar. The husk is pretty resilient and can be tied together easily to make a longer piece that will fit the circumference of your jar. You can tie on a dried leaf, or flower pod, or anything you want to make it extra special.

You're all done! Enjoy!