books we love

Chopsticks by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

In this fun-loving, pun-filled story, a pair of best friend Chopsticks face the challenge of being apart when one Chopstick breaks its poor little Chopstick foot. :(

While one Chopstick discovers all the incredible ways to be useful as a lone Chopstick, the other Chopstick hangs out in bed and heals. 

The book dives in to the dynamics of friendship and the many things friends can do - alone and together. Rosenthal's clever play on words paired with Scott Magoon's zesty illustrations make this story a fantastic experience. 

The Skin You Live In by Michael Tyler

Your pumpkin pie slice skin,
your caramel corn nice skin;
your toffee wrapped,
ginger snapped
cinnamon spice skin!
Your butterscotch gold skin,
your lemon tart bold skin;
your mountain high apple pie,
cookie dough rolled skin!
— From "The Skin You Live In" by Michael Tyler

The Skin You Live In is a lively celebration of the many shades of skin that can be seen around the world. The book playfully takes on themes such as acceptance, self confidence, friendship, and diversity. Words and phrases rhyme throughout, making it extra fun to read (or even sing) aloud. This book is a must-have for all families! 

The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc

In this delightful book by Marianne Dubuc, a lone country lion befriends a bird after it falls and breaks its wing. Together they spend the winter eating hearty meals, sitting by the fire and sleeping in a cozy bedroom - the bird in a makeshift slipper-bed.

As winter passes and the bird heals, the bird's friends are seen in the sky. "I know," the lion says to the bird with a loving nod, and the bird flies away, leaving his lion friend alone.

Lion quickly gets back to his daily routines as a lone lion. But it's bittersweet. He eats at the table with only one place setting, he sits in his rocker next to an empty bird box by the fireplace, and he slumbers next to the makeshift slipper-bed that once held his delicate bird friend.

Soon after, it’s back to the garden for Lion, who obviously enjoys the alone time needed for reading under a tree and fishing in a lake. 

As fall returns and the lion's tomatoes are ready for harvest, he can’t help but wonder if his bird friend will come back too. The bird does return, which makes for a happy, cycle-of-life ending that everyone can love. 

The Dark by Lemony Snicket, Illustrated by Jon Klassen

There is something mysterious (and sometimes terrifying) about the dark. Especially when you are a little kid. To some kids, every ounce of darkness contains the stuff of monsters.

That's why we LOVE this book by Lemony Snicket. It's a great way to teach kids that yes, there are some rather scary things in the world, but when you confront them, those scary things aren't as powerful as they once were. 

In The Dark, a young boy named Laszlo is afraid of the dark. He pretty much does everything he can to avoid the dark until one day, when his light bulb dies, the dark pays him an unwanted visit. Laszlo meanders into the darkest spots of his house, and in a way, gets to know the dark a little better. As the pages progress, and as Laszlo encounters more and more darkness, his fears are less and less. 

We won't spoil the ending for you, so it's best you get your hands on a copy of this new classic sooner than later. 

And of course, check out more of Jon Klassen's illustrations HERE. 


The Bear's Song by Benjamin Chaud

In this engaging and super-sweet book, two bears embark on a city adventure. Throughout the pages, Papa Bear searches for Little Bear who has escaped the bear den. Little Bear chases a buzzy bee through the city, leading both bears into an array of scenes where readers can play hide and seek with the bears and the bee.

Benjamin Chaud's dense illustrations are are beautifully amplified buy the book's larger format. And the colors are rich and could easily be used as inspiration for putting together an outfit or decorating a room. 

The Bear's Song is a reading experience that is brimming with FUN! We love.