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The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc

In this delightful book by Marianne Dubuc, a lone country lion befriends a bird after it falls and breaks its wing. Together they spend the winter eating hearty meals, sitting by the fire and sleeping in a cozy bedroom - the bird in a makeshift slipper-bed.

As winter passes and the bird heals, the bird's friends are seen in the sky. "I know," the lion says to the bird with a loving nod, and the bird flies away, leaving his lion friend alone.

Lion quickly gets back to his daily routines as a lone lion. But it's bittersweet. He eats at the table with only one place setting, he sits in his rocker next to an empty bird box by the fireplace, and he slumbers next to the makeshift slipper-bed that once held his delicate bird friend.

Soon after, it’s back to the garden for Lion, who obviously enjoys the alone time needed for reading under a tree and fishing in a lake. 

As fall returns and the lion's tomatoes are ready for harvest, he can’t help but wonder if his bird friend will come back too. The bird does return, which makes for a happy, cycle-of-life ending that everyone can love.