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Mr. Tiger Goes Wild - by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger lives in a bustling city full of prudish animals that all dress in stuffy clothes and walk on their hind legs. So one day, out of feline curiosity, Mr. Tiger has a wild idea to walk on all fours. Though he very much enjoys the sensation of the ground on each and every one of his paws, his neighbors are aghast. 

Unruffled by their contempt, Mr. Tiger jumps into the city fountain and sheds all of his clothes. He feels liberated and very much like a new Tiger, but his fellow animal citizens are appalled.

"Mr. Tiger, if you want to do that you need to go to the forest." 

"What a great idea." he says, and soon after, runs to the trees to prowl, roam and roar like every tiger should.

In time, Mr. Tiger gets lonely and misses his friends, his home and his city, so he heads back only to find that the city and its animal citizens have changed quite a bit. Some are walking upright and others on all fours. Some wear clothing and some don't. Mr. Tiger is relieved that his friends have loosened up and that they finally all can be who they want to be. 

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is a picture book masterpiece. It invites young (and older) readers to live and express themselves more fully. It's about having the courage and self-compassion to be real and honest, and in turn, inspire others to do the same. 

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