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#hannajams family traditions: Tanya Wood

a traditions story shared by, Tanya Wood. she's been with Hanna for 10 years and in that time has had two boys, raising a family of her own. we asked her to share some of her traditions with us...


getting our tree as a family marks the start of the season for us! it's the time every year where we go to a special little tree farm with a fire, lights… and we pick out our tree. even when it kind of marks the start of a chaotic season, it always feels quaint and cozy. 

every year we do pajama Christmas light runs. we'll get everyone to hop in a car and make a big event out of seeing all the Christmas lights. getting everyone to go on a little trip around the city is always memorable, the kids love it. 

i grew up in Africa and my moms side of the family is german, dad is Scottish. she always wanted to celebrate Christmas eve, so the compromise was that on Christmas eve we had a huge dinner with family where we have all our family get together. we watch movies, make cookies, it’s very festive. the kids get to cuddle up in the living room with the family, watch movies and eat the cookies they made.

i love making my mothers german red cabbage recipe, the smell fills the house and that feeling is so memorable. it’s something that I’ve always had on Christmas eve and I continue to make it for my family every year. 

the funny thing is… now that I think about it, all these things we really actually do in our pajamas. 

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