Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes: Our Summer Shoot!

Our summer shoot consisted of two and a half fun-filled, jam packed weeks on the island of Maui. When it comes to shooting in paradise, it’s all about capturing those perfect sunrise and sunset moments (also know as “the magic hour”) when that first glimpse of morning light starts to flare up over the water.  This means, somewhat unfortunately, that our entire team has to be up far before the crack of dawn to set up. Unloading equipment in the pitch dark is not the most fun part of the job but it has to be done because when we’re in Hawaii - no matter what the weather may bring us - we’re shooting sun up to down.


Over the course of our shoot, we used gallons upon gallons of sunscreen, weathered a few downpours, and had the time of our lives. One of our longtime photographers and friends, Amanda Pratt (above in the teeny pink glasses) was at the helm capturing every beautiful moment.

The shot above shows our dedicated crew clearing the Hawaiian sands of all dark rocks and shell pieces for a more pristine look while our prop stylist works on building the perfect expert caliber sand castle (tough life!). On the right is candid shot of our model Marley practicing her sweet gymnastics moves!

See a few more of our favorite pics from our summer shoot adventures below...

...see you next time Maui!