Behind the scenes

From hanna kids, to hanna moms

There is something truly undeniable about the connection between mothers. We face experiences no one else really does. From the first welcome into the world, the the first night away.... all the way to when the kids are no longer kids, but taking the lessons you’ve taught them into the real world. Kids have changed our lives over and over again. We spend so much time figuring out the “right” way to raise a child, but deep down we are growing right there with them. So when it comes to Mother's day, and what it means to be a mother, we want to know: what has your child taught you? 

Robin Ives

Technical Designer

All about perspective: "having children has taught me perspective. In the times I have been the most frustrated as a parent, I would look into her big pleading eyes and realize that I need to see the situation from her point of view. She may be 3, but she’s a whole person and her wants matter, I can still be her leader without being totalitarian. If there is less perceived power, there are fewer power struggles. Also, always, always have snacks. Or face the hangry consequences."

What Robin + Audrey love doing together: "We turn everything into an adventure- there are grocery store adventures, Target adventures, park adventures…" 

On their fave pieces: "Her favorite pieces are the tulle skirts, for a while she wore a skirt with absolutely everything, even the long johns. She loves that she gets to wear Minnie Mouse, I love that it’s a classic yet fun Minnie Mouse that is different than and a higher quality. My favorite pieces are the women’s long johns. They are super comfortable and the kids love it when we all match!"