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Letters from you...

Spreading the love and being there for families and kids means everything to us. Thank you for always sharing your love stories, Hanna family. When we hear you tell us that your hannas have lasted through every kid we know we have done our job right. This is a little series to share the love, and feature some of our favorite letters you’ve sent.

“I cannot explain the feeling of putting my daughter in these clothes. Fore years I have had trouble finding clothes that fit her perfectly. She has never been the same size on top and bottom, she likes nothing tight, her arms are too short for every long sleeve shirt and in 2015 when she was diagnosed with cancer and had to start taking steroids it all got harder. No shirts have been fitting her at all. These clothes are so beautifully made, soft and appropriate for little girls. She is having a hard time walking so she scoots and can do that so easily in these clothes. Every penny is worth it to me to know she is as comfortable as she is cute!! Thank you.” @kfurtado327

“I relate to this so much. As a kid i couldn’t wear anything with seams or tags or buttons or fabrics that felt any bit scratchy. Everything bothered my super sensitive skin. So my mom built my wardrobe from @happyhannas — pjs and sweats and shirts and those super soft tights. It was the only clothing that actually felt good to me. Now, I buy hannas for my nieces and nephews and all my friends kids. It’s so satisfying to pass down love for the brand that literally got me though childhood without having daily ‘it doesn’t feel good!’ meltdowns.” @iamlizolson

Share your love with #ilovemyhannas, we love when our hearts are melted and we want to feature you.