Behind the scenes

behind the hanna: midnight garden print

each season hanna creates a signature print that really is the most special of them all, (see last seasons). for this holiday, our designers went a whole new a creative route in designing our most special print, the midnight garden print

the print direction started with smaller motifs inspired by vintage finds and nature. you’ll see shooting stars, large and small scale floral prints, cute furry bunnies and foxes...

behind the scenes: hanna andersson

we wanted the print to have a sense of discovery, playfulness and nature."

behind the scenes hanna andersson prints
behind the scenes: hanna andersson prints

each print hand sketched with love the traditional way... with paper and pencil. the next step was defining the patterns with marker and color. this also makes it easier to digitize the prints for the next step in the process: creating a clean pattern repeat, editing colors and strokes that fit our soft fabrications, and building our hero pattern.

a 9 color print was developed that encompasses all our key motifs you see in the rest of the collection. everywhere you look you’ll discover something new and beautiful...

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