Behind the scenes

Hanna Volunteers: Oregon Food Bank

This year the Spring collection is full of cute farm animals, homegrown vegetables and happy earth motifs. These are ADORABLE prints on our kids, more than that, it represents our love of the earth and supporting our communities. 

This winter our staff and kids took a trip to the Oregon Food Bank to spend a few hours re-packing produce into family sized portions. 

Many of us at Hanna are parents. Family and community is so integrated into how Hanna works as a whole, from what we provide as product to families and how we contribute to our local community.  

Hanna Andersson Volunteer

Here are a few reasons we volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank

- Quality food is important to The Oregon Food bank. To support local and national communities in need, they have strong relationships with farmers who donate a certain percentage of their crops, providing fresh, delicious, high quality food to those in need. 

- The Oregon Food bank is part of Feeding America and supports FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). This means that not only do they help local families of lower income and in need, but if there is ever a national emergency, the Oregon Food Bank is a resource of food relief. 

- Essential non food items like toilet paper, laundry soap and diapers that aren't eligible to buy with food stamps, can also be donated to the Oregon Food Bank. 

- Donations go to a range of people. From families in temporary need to get back on their feet, to homeless communities like soup kitchens and smaller localized food pantries. 

- Each year the amount of food delivered to the communities increases by 1,000,000 lbs each year.

Hanna Andersson - Oregon Food Bank

We had a blast, we encourage you to do the same! 

Hanna Andersson Behind The Scenes